Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Prince Charming (Behind the Screen) Book One

I guess you'll either love or hate this story, who knows. I struggled just a little with it, but I have my reasons for writing it. It will all come together in the end I suppose, although I can't be sure where it's heading. My stories tend to surprise me. I remember discussing the story idea with a friend, who gave me an idea that added to the story. So yes, I hope you enjoy!

The masks they wear the games they play. Who knows who is who, but when online dating goes wrong, things start to get messy.

Woman meets two men; in this case Harmony meets the gorgeous Marcus and the sexy Derek. What could possibly go wrong? They’re all professionals, they all look and seem sincere, but very quickly things start to unfold. It’s not what you think or is it? Anyone can be anyone behind the screen!


Masters of Deception
Harmony gazed into the fridge. The Marks and Spencers spaghetti bolognaise sounded like a treat. It had been a long day, and all she wanted to do was relax in front of the computer and talk to the two men that had caught her eye. She pulled out the meal and placed it in the microwave. A few minutes later, she was in front of the laptop.
Fifty messages! Harmony had joined the dating site a few weeks ago. Four dates had brought no love, but there were two men who had caught her attention. She scrolled the inbox. There they were, messages from the men she actually wanted to hear from. Harmony pressed on princecharming’s message first.
Hey, hope all is well. How was your day? I’m sure it was more eventful than mine x.
She slurped the spaghetti and smiled. She opened the next message.
Evening beautiful, hope you had a good day. Mine was challenging as you can imagine. There’s no sleep when you’re chasing down the bad guys, haha! Anyway tell me about your day, it would be a break away from my life. xx
Again she smiled. Both men were online.
Hey Marcus! I’m well thank you, even better hearing from you. What was it about your day that wasn’t great? I’m sure you’re more than satisfied with your work. I mean, it sounded like it the first time we spoke. My day was the usual. Answering phones, greeting clients and all the boring stuff a receptionist does. Tell me about your day, I’d love to hear about it! xx
She pressed the send button.
Derek, nice to hear from you again. Have you been chasing down bad guys again,haha!  I find it extremely sexy. *Smiles*. My day was great, besides the usual lessons, I gave my form class a lecture on safety on the internet. I’m not sure they listened to a word I said. But hey, I’ve got to try.
She sat back and waited. Finished the rest of the spaghetti and put the bowl to the side. A message arrived from Marcus.
Well my dear beautiful lady, your company wouldn’t cope without you, so you’re a very important part of it. They should thank you for your beautiful face everyday haha! My day was okay, as I’ve said in my previous emails, I’m an artist, but also a gallery owner. I’m struggling with a picture at the moment. There’s something missing, and it’s really bugging me, that’s all. Anyway, you might be the answer to that missing piece. Your face is an art in itself. Beautiful dark eyes, lovely brown skin and yes, amazing body! You could be the answer!
The message pinged.
Oh Marcus, you flatter me! Kind of you to say those words. Maybe I will be the missing piece. Any plans this weekend?
She sent the email, and in came an email from Derek
Not much chasing bad guys, but catching them haha! Well I’m sure some of your students took your lecture to heart. It’s important that they are aware of the dangers of the internet. So…Are you free sometime this weekend? I’d really like to meet with you. x
A few more messages pinged up on her screen, but she only opened the one from Marcus.
My plan this weekend is to ask you out on a date. I’ve been dying to do it, but have held back a little. Would you like to go out this weekend? Xx
      Harmony scanned the email and giggled. Both men wanted a date. She waited and thought about it. There was so much running through her mind. After a few moments she typed.
Are you free on Sunday? Xx
She sent the email to Derek and then typed another.
We could go out on Saturday? Seven okay?
She sent the email to Marcus. Harmony sat back and waited for both men to accept. Well she at least hoped they would. And as predicted both men replied.
Saturday’s great! Can I get your number? Where would you like to go? Xx
She clicked on Derek’s message.
Sunday’s sounds like a plan! What time? Could I get your number so we could do this over text? Xx
Harmony waited a little, just to let them simmer. She’d give them her number, but not immediately. She clicked on a few messages that caught her interest. None of them were as thrilling as the two she’d been communicating with. She clicked on Derek’s profile. He was thirty four, six foot three, blonde with green eyes. There were five photos of him, but the one she liked the most was the one of him in a pair of shorts and a vest on a beach somewhere.
‘What lovely arms you have,’ she said to herself as her eyes wondered down the toned arms.
She took her time to re-read his profile. He’d been single for a year and wanted to get back into dating. He was easy going, played football and loved spending time with his friends and family. His favourite holiday was in Rhodes.  After she’d scanned his photos one more time, she ventured onto Marcus’s profile.
He was six foot four, black hair and blue eyes. He looked like a guy out of a magazine. He was an artist, owned his own gallery and loved to play golf on his days of leisure. He was also easy going, which seemed to be the case with most guys.  Why was it they were always easy going? Why couldn’t they be fun, full of life? Easy going was a bit boring and predictable, but his looks made up for it. Marcus had seven photos of himself. The man was stunning, she couldn’t blame him for wanting to show off the fact. She nodded, not smiling much. Too many thoughts spun around, but wouldn’t let them take her off track.
Satisfied by both, Harmony responded to each email. Agreed to both dates and times, and sent them her phone number. Immediately after that she signed off.

There were a few things she wanted to do before bed. The house was a mess and there were things to put in place. 

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lifted ( Beautiful Series) Book 2

This is the last part to the Beautiful Series. I decided to complete it. I'm working on a new series already and plan to bring back Victor and London back because a few readers have requested it, and I have more story to tell about them. 

I hope you enjoy the last part to the Beautiful series!

Faith has taken a huge blow to her life. Will she ever recover? She’d been so tied to her beauty that it was hard for her to separate herself from it. Miserable, she falls into a deep dark hole. Logan, who has become her rock, has given up. He can’t make her see what she refuses to see. But shocking news might be what she needs to change. 

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