Sunday, 9 March 2014

Rocking His World

Does love conquer all or has it covered Kay’s eyes to what really is? After the clean up Kay begins to wonder about the relationship. Is Nate really who he say’s he is and can he change? But when promise after promise is broken, Kay begins to loose her edge.

Soon Nate will make a big mistake that could cost her her career. Changes and hard decisions have to be made. Nate may be the love of her life, the man who loves her just the way she is but is that really enough, is that reason for her to stay? Is it enough for her to cling on to? It will take time and important decisions to find out if Kay and Nate have a future together.


Kay rolled to the left of the bed and the cold air hit her. She sat up fast her heart pounding suddenly. Had it been a dream or had Nate spent the night. It was still dark outside, the green lights from the alarm clock screamed 4.15am. Only an hour left before she had to get up and get ready for her day. There was a tight feeling in her stomach, the feeling told her what she didn’t want to know.
Kay fiddled for the side lamp and noticed Nate’s shoes on the floor. So it hadn’t been a dream, he was somewhere in her house. The fear wrapped around her like a python taking away her ability to breathe properly. She pushed back the covers and stepped onto the ground. The fear increased the moment she took steps towards the door.
There was darkness in the hall but there was a faint light that came from downstairs. The stairs creaked as she slowly made her way downstairs.
‘Nate?’ she whispered as she got to the entrance of the living room. ‘Nate?’ She turned the switch so that the light flooded the room a lot more.
Nate was spread out across the couch, with one leg on the ground. His arms were crossed against his chest. Her eyes darted towards the table and she saw the twenty pound note rolled up like a pencil. Tears gathered in her eyes when she realised what she’d feared. He’d just taken some cocaine. Why didn’t she learn her lesson?
Her feet couldn’t move, they felt glued to the ground by the weight of the grief. It was a while before one foot stepped in front of the other and finally reached Nate. Kay gazed down at him, her stomach in knots her heart torn apart. How could she love someone so much and at the same time feel so much hurt? It would be easy from someone looking in, at one point she was that woman. The woman yelling from behind the scenes to dump that man, he’s no good. But here she was wrestling with herself; wrestling with the truth that she had fallen to become a victim of emotion. The man who lay on the couch had been the man who believed in her, was she about to toss him aside like he didn’t matter. Too many times Kay had burnt bridges before she’d had time to dig deeper, to realise that humans were not perfect and that many times over they made mistakes. Not too long ago Kay had almost starved herself to death, and it had almost become an addiction, equally destructive as Nate’s cocaine habit. How was it okay for her and not for him? Kay wrestled with her mind, with her emotions and with her conscious and failed to realise something until she took a closer look at Nate.
‘Nate?’ His bottom lip looked a little blue. ‘Nate!’ she shook him hard.
Nate’s body didn’t move an inch.
‘Nate please! Oh god!’
For a moment panic set in, Kay paced, what was she going to do? Her mind spun with many questions. Was he dead?
‘Oh god Nate!’ 

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